The Best Spots In Your Home For Your Session with Boston Lifestyle Photographer

newborn sleeping in dads arms

As a Boston lifestyle photographer, I know you may love the idea of having your lifestyle newborn session in your home (especially because taking your baby out in the world in the times of COVID is terrifying) but, you may be wondering where would we take the photos?

What I look for as a Boston lifestyle photographer:

mom rocking baby during session with Boston lifestyle photographer

I’ve trained myself to walk into your home and quickly gather so many fun ideas in my head just by looking around your home. I will notice all the best natural light and the perfect spots for you to sit and snuggle your baby. The best spots are uncluttered, have some great natural light from a window, and somewhere to sit. Sometimes I’ll drag a chair over to a spot that has the perfect light shining through.

Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is always a great spot to take photos as well. I’ll have you sit on your bed and snuggle up. Soak in all those sweet baby snuggles while I capture the beauty.

The nursery.

The nursery is also a perfect spot. I love getting some images of your baby sleeping in his crib as well as some shots of you rocking your baby into a peaceful sleep. I’m always up for freezing perfect moment in time.

There’s even moments when I’m not actively photographing you, and you’re just standing in your kitchen with your husband looking at your newborn and I’ll say “wait don’t move”! That happens a lot, I love just capturing your genuine moments when your not even paying attention to whats going on around you. The real raw moments.

newborn in moms arms in boston lifestyle session

I know you may be thinking that there’s no way your home is photo worthy, but I can find the beauty in any home. As long as you have some windows and somewhere to sit, we can make magic. Check out this article about what to expect from your newborn session!

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