How To Prepare Your Home For Your Newborn Session With Sudbury Newborn Photographer

How To Prepare Your Home For Your Newborn Session With Sudbury Newborn Photographer

Preparing for your in home newborn session with your favorite Sudbury newborn photographer shouldn’t be stressful! I have some great tips you can do to help make your session flawless.

baby sleeping in dads arms

Turn the heat up!

If your session is during our cooler months (which is basically almost the entire year) then I always suggest turning the heat up! Your newborn is used to being in a super warm cozy belly, so keeping the heat a little higher will help keep your little babe happy and sleepy for our session. Having a happy baby during your newborn photo session is ideal!

Feed your newborn right before the session.

Offering a feeding to your baby right before I get to your home will help keep your baby (hopefully) happy and relaxed during their newborn photo session. Its helpful to start the session with a full bellied baby although we can always stop and take a break for another feeding, since your baby always runs the show! If your feeding schedule doesn’t fall in line with a feeding before your session, don’t stress. We can take a break anytime for a feeding. Your baby is always the boss during their newborn session.

mom holding baby on her chest during photoshoot in sudbury MA

Prepare your home.

Since we’ll be capturing photos in different rooms in your home I always suggest de-cluttering the rooms we’ll be using. I know you just gave birth, so I do not expect a deep cleaning. Just tidying up and moving things off end tables and such will help! I will move things around when I come if I see something so don’t fret!

Choose your outfits!

Choosing outfits for your newborn photo session doesn’t have to be stressful! I always suggest keeping this simple and neutral. I LOVE keeping your baby in just a simple solid color onesie. Muted tones are always the best choice! Chunky knit sweaters for mom that are loose and comfortable ( you did just give birth after all) or a flowy dress are great choices. After choosing moms outfit, pick out something that coordinates for dad and any siblings. Simple jeans or khakis and a solid t-shit or button up work best. I will bring a white or neutral outfit but you’re more then welcome to have some options of your own. I love little one piece outfits like this one.

baby stretching on bed

Pull out some swaddles and blankets.

Have a few different solid color stretchy swaddles available is helpful. I like to switch them up during the session to give some variety to our images.Its always good to have some textured blankets ( whatever you have) to use too

Prepare the siblings!

Talking about the newborn photo session to your other children will help them be ready! Sometimes older siblings can be shy at first, so it helps to prepare them for whats to come. If you’re comfortable with it, a little bribery helps! I always let the kids run the show during our sessions, so if they need a break we let them go and do some photos of the baby alone for a while. I love to make these sessions fun for the siblings to help keep them engaged and having fun! That way its enjoyable for everyone.

baby wrapped up in moms arms during session with sudbury newborn photographer

Preparing these few things for your in home newborn session will help make the session go flawlessly! As a Boston newborn photographer, I go with the flow and always let the baby run the show. We will break for feedings or changing as needed. I want to make this experience as fun and enjoyable for all involved!


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