All The Reasons Why You Need To Book With This Newborn Photographer

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All The Reasons Why You Need To Book With This Newborn Photographer

First of all, I’m pretty awesome! Kidding! I mean I am super friendly and easy going. I’ll come mesh into your family pretty quickly and be playing dinosaurs with your toddler by the end of our session. I love being a newborn photographer and that shows in my work. The goal is to come and embrace your family and all that your are, so I can genuinely capture the real life moments of your family.

Showing up to your house and taking a few photos is not at all what I’m about. I’ll ask you lots of questions to get to know you, and then have you show me around. I want to utilize all your special family heirlooms to make these images even more special. I want to hear all about how you met the love of your life. I love hearing your birth story. I love getting to know you. It helps me tell your story with my images.

I’m very good with babies!

I’ve had four of my own babies and as a Boston newborn photographer I have photographed hundreds of little ones. I’ve learned a lot over the years about tired cues and hunger cues. Trying to decipher what is wrong with a baby helps the session go over smoothly. I always allow for time to stop for feedings, changes, or even just some much needed snuggles. I may capture these moments for you or you may choose to take a break without me. These images are for you to keep and reminisce with, so what we photograph is all up to you!

I have a knack for catching special moments.

While I’m with you, my brain is just ticking away seeing all these gorgeous shots in my head. I bring them to life by catching those moments with my camera. You may think you’re just sitting their with your baby but its so much more to me and preserving those moments. In reality, this moment in the image is you never being more in love with someone in your life, but also never been more exhausted. You’re in a whirlwind those first few weeks and the emotions are magical. That;s what I’m capturing for you. Those memories.


I am incredibly patient.

Just don’t ask my husband because he’ll tell you that I am absolutely not a patient person. I am although, super patient with my families. I am so go with the flow with our sessions. Sometimes babies want to cluster feed, and that’s cool. Ill go build legos with your two year old, or snuggle your puppy while you feed the baby. If you want those moments of feeding your baby captured, then that’s where I’ll be. I’ve nursed four babies and bottle fed them all too. I’m here for it. I’m here to save all the moments for you.

I’m so excited to meet you.

There’s probably nothing I love more then a newborn. So I may tell you how cute your baby is ten thousand times. I am also so excited to get home and edit your session. I pour my heart out into my edits to make these photos so incredibly special for you. I try my best to get your gallery back to you within a few days because I know you’re dying to see them and share with your family. I’m here to help you print these images. I want you to hand your images. I want you to walk around your home and smile every time your eye catches the shot of your baby on your chest. I want you to feel that warm happy feeling when you see it every time you walk by.


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