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Many families on their search for daycare, they find that hiring a nanny for multiple children is a much more cost effective choice. When looking up Boston babysitting rates, you’ll notice that most sitters or nannies charge between $18-$25 an hour.

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Experience matters.

When determining pay for your nanny, experience matters. If you have a seasoned nanny who had many years of experience, she’s going to deserve a higher pay. You’ll also determine the pay of your nanny by the amount of work you’ll require. Will you be just requiring her to care for the children? Or will she be required to do housework and cooking? Some nannies will do light housekeeping or laundry for the children or household. If thats the case, then she will deserve a higher hourly rate.

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You’ll also want to account for whether your nanny will be driving your children around. If so, will she be using her own car and fuel? Or will you provide a vehicle for her to use to drive your children? If she is using her own car, you may want to adjust her pay to reflect the wear and tear on her car and fuel cost for transporting your children to actives.

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If your nanny will be taking your children to activities or fun places to keep them busy, you may want to also think about having a small amount of spending money for her to use for your children if they may need something while out. Such as If they go to a play place, and want to get a snack or grab lunch. That would be a time to time basis and not necessarily a weekly expense.


The number one thing to remember is that the way you treat and respect the people who help you and care for your children will directly reflect their happiness and willingness to stay with your family long term. Paying them a competitive rate and only asking them to do the tasks they were hired to do unless renegotiation on their daily tasks and pay will keep your nanny with you for the long haul.

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