How To Nail Your Photo Shoot With Your Boston Family Photographer

mom smiling at her daughter during boston family session

How To Nail Your Photo Shoot With Your Boston Family Photographer

As a Boston family photographer, I am usually asked before the session “what can we do to prepare for our session?”. Well, there’s many things I can tell you. Between outfits and attitudes I’ll explain the best ways to prepare and nail your Boston family photo shoot.

First of all, to get the best out of your photo shoot and get the best images, you want to have great coordinated outfits! Check out Pinterest if you need some inspiration or ask your Boston family photographer to help you choose your outfits! Having perfectly coordinated and fashionable outfits will really help the overall outcome of your photos.

If you have children who will be in the photo shoot, its best to chat about the session and prepare them!

Sometimes its nerve wracking for little kids to meet someone new if they haven’t met before. Also, kids need some time to warm up to new people. Don’t stress if your kids are nervous or shy for the first few minutes. I always level with the kids when I meet them. I explain that we are going to have so much fun and if everyone cooperates we can get it all done super fast! This also works for the Dads! We totally need to bribe some Dads with a beer at the end or whatever may motivate your husband. I’m sure family photos are not exactly every man’s dream afternoon activity. My husband always moans and groans when I mention family photos but, he knows that if he cooperates and helps me keep the kids cooperating then its all over quickly and Mama is happy!

Have fun with it! Your Boston family photographer should give you fun little prompts to help flow from pose to pose. Also they can give you some un-posed in the moment captures. I love to let families have some fun dancing in a field, or have a tickle fight to capture some special un-posed moments.

Hopefully these few tips will make your next Boston family photo session a little less stressful!

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