Capturing the First Year With Boston’s Best Baby Photographer

Capturing the First Year With Boston’s Best Baby Photographer

Beyond the newborn session, there’s so many opportunities to photograph your child and create images that you’ll cherish forever. As Boston’s best baby photographer I know that every stage of the first year is so special, and as we all know…it goes way too fast. There’s so many wonderful milestones to be captured during that first year.

The Newborn Session:

During your newborn session, we get all the snuggles frozen in time. I focus all my attention on all those sweet baby features. Providing a gallery full of perfect newborn yawns, stretches, and smooshy faces is the main goal!

Three Month Old Milestone:

During the three month old session, your baby isn’t sitting yet so we capture your baby laying on their back and belly and many images of family snuggles! I love to include the family in my milestone sessions. We capture your baby snuggling with you and smiling at you! Giving you a few images of those toothless grins is my favorite!

Six Month Old Milestone:

This sessions is such a favorite of mine! Six month olds are super fun! They are usually sitting (even if they aren’t they can easily be propped up). They are so much fun as their personalities are starting to shine through so my goal is to bottle up those mini personalities in my images! We also savor all those family snuggles and giggles!

Nine Month Milestone:

The nine month milestone is full of so much smiles, giggles, and maybe a little chaos! Nine months old may be on the move by this time or they are learning. My goal for this session if to capture their new favorite tricks! We also get lots of images of family snuggles, showing off how much your sweet little nine month old has grown.

The Big First Birthday Milestone!

This first birthday milestone is the grand finale! We get to watch your cutie devour, or very gingerly: eat their first cake! Smash cake sessions are super fun, but this is even better because not only do we do your child’s cake smash but they other half of the session is gorgeous images of your big one year old capturing their individual personality and all the special features that make them who they are! This session also includes a few family images as well!

The best part of the milestone package options I offer, is that I can cater the package to what you want and need! Only want to do a few of the milestone sessions? Perfect! Want to do them all? Awesome! We can also do a mix of studio images and outdoor images for the different sessions as well! I also offer a gorgeous heirloom album that you can design with me and personally choose which images from your baby’s first year will go into it.

I cant wait to create these images together! Let’s chat about my package options!

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