Local Mom’s List Of Pediatricians in Worcester, MA

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Local Mom’s List Of Pediatricians in Worcester, MA

Finding pediatricians in Worcester MA may feel daunting. Especially with the amount there is to choose from. Having recommendations from other moms is huge! When I was expecting my first baby ten (gah that makes me feel old) years ago, I was absolutely besides myself trying to pick a pediatrician. I had no idea where to look or how to find one that I would like and was unsure of what my parenting style was going to be or how I would like a pediatrician. I wasn’t aware that many doctors have different philosophies on things and that makes a huge impact on your relationship with your pediatricians in Worcester, MA. As a mom and local newborn photographer, I know you want to find a pediatrician that you can be comfortable talking to. Let me help you take the guesswork out of finding a Worcester, MA pediatrician.

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I surveyed a group of moms in the Worcester area to see who their favorites were, so heres the list!

Dr Swati Sane – Relient Medical Group Westborough

I have to first give a spot to my favorite pediatrician. She’s not technically in Worcester, but she’s worth the ride! I had no idea what pediatrician I was going to choose and after giving birth, Dr. Swati Sane was the doctor on call in the hospital. She did the first check on my daughter and I thought she was so nice so I just chose her. I lucked out because she is wonderful.

Dr Sane practices at Reliant Medical Group 900 Union Street, Westborough, MA. After first working as a clinical researcher after medical school, Dr. Sane decided to become a pediatrician. “I find being a pediatrician challenging but also very rewarding. Parents put the trust of their children’s health and well-being in you, and that’s a very big responsibility,” she explains. Dr. Sane has been a great partner in my children’s health and wellness. I had my third daughter at 24 weeks and we had a long list of medical issues between chronic lung disease and a paralyzed vocal chord, Dr. Sane was always prepared to answer any questions I had and I had full faith in her ability to be my daughter’s pediatrician.

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2. Dr Amanda McCoy – Chandler Pediatrics

Chandler Pediatrics at 421 Chandler Street Worcester, MA was highly rated. They have been a pediatric office for over 5o years. Dr. Amanda McCoy at Chandler Pediatrics was voted many times. Dr. Amanda McCoy graduated Magna cum laude from Assumption College, then moved to West Virginia for medical school. She completed her pediatric residency training at Albany Medical Center in New York and returned to Worcester to join Chandler Pediatrics in 2012. She is an instructor in the Division of Community Pediatrics at UMass Medical school and often teaches medical students in the office. Local mom Briona says “Amanda McCoy is absolutely the best!”.

3. Dr Amy R. Lo – West Boylston Family Medicine

West Boylston Family Medicine at 242 Woodland Street West Boylston, MA  is up next for best Pediatrician in Worcester, MA. Amy R. Lo, MD was highly recommended. Dr. Amy Lo, MD is an Internal Medicine Specialist in West Boylston, MA. She is affiliated with medical facilities such as Clinton Hospital Association and Health Alliance Hospital Leominster. Local mom Christa says “Dr. Lo for World’s Best Pediatrician”.

4. Dr Theresa Callahan- Medical Associates Pediatrics

Next up is Dr. Theresa Callahan, MD who is a Pediatrics Specialist in Leominster, MA and has over 30 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from University Of Massachusetts Medical School medical school in 1991. She currently practices at Medical Associates Pediatrics 100 Hospital Road Leominster, MA. Local mom Michelle says “I went to her myself as a preteen/teen and take my babies to her now. She’s the best.”.

5. Dr. William Zawatski- Child Health Associates

There were a lot of moms who voted Child Health Associates in Auburn/Shrewsbury. They recommended Dr. William Zawatski, MD. Local mom Carly sais ” Dr. Zawatski is amazing as is the rest of the team there. We have seen several doctors, and NPs there. Highly recommend!”.

6. Dr. Karen Heveron- Relient Medical Group Worcester

Dr Karen Heveron who practices at Relient Medical Group located at 5 Neponset Street, Worcester, MA was recommended. Katelynn says “she’s amazing and I think a lot of moms on her would back this up as well.”

7. Dr. Kristen Newsom- Family Practice Doctor Relient Medical Group Holden

Another mom offered another perspective! “I can offer a slightly different perspective- my daughter and I both see the same Family Practice doctor (Dr. Kristen Newsom) with Reliant, just across the hall from Dr. Tadiri. Not a pediatrician, but I still feel my daughter gets excellent care, and I like that we see the same doctor, so we’ve established twice the relationship with her. (I like how she asks how *I’m* doing when I bring my daughter in!) I loved my pediatrician growing up and assumed I’d never like another doctor like I loved her… but I was wrong! My husband also sees another doctor in the same practice, and we often all get our flu shots together!”

8. Dr. Carolyn M. Keiper- Umass Memorial Medical Center Worcester

Local mom Lulu says “she is the best pediatrician we’ve had for our kids. Has walked us through newborn issue, toddler issues and now school aged issues with calmness, empathy, and wisdom. Super down to earth.” Lulu also recommended Diane Blake at UMass, she is great for adolescents and runs a clinic for gender diverse teens. Great to have a compassionate and evidence-based place to bring transgender kids.

9. Dr. Leah Evans Wong- Umass Memorial Worcester

Local mom Christina says “Dr Evans Wong at UMass is great as well! She always responds quickly to my questions and My daughter loves her…this is Pedi number #3 (my daughter was petrified of the doctors) I let her know this and she really took the time to explain everything she was doing in a really nice way this really helped my daughter feel comfortable which to me means the world!! No more kicking and screaming when it’s time to visit the doctor”

10. Dr. Ronald Tadiri- Relient Medical Group Holden

Last but not least, a bunch of moms voted for Dr Ronald Tadiri. As a pediatrician at Reliant Medical Group in Holden, Dr. Ronald Tadiri enjoys giving patients a healthy start on their future adult years. “For me, it’s very rewarding to follow someone from infancy to adulthood and help them reach their maximum potential. For the most part, childhood is an enjoyable time of life. There are illnesses, but we have many treatments that are very effective and children usually recover very well.” Local Mom Denise says “Dr Tadiri is great he helped figure out my now 1 year old has fpies it was crazy and a very difficult time but he didn’t give up on what was wrong and now we have it under control and doing So much better he is great.”.

When looking for a pediatrician, having other local moms recommendations are huge! Meeting the doctor and getting a good feeling about them also helps. We are fortunate to have so many options for our children and their health!

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