Why I’m A Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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Why I’m A Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

As a Boston lifestyle newborn photographer, I’m all about preserving the memories. Have you ever sat down with an old dusty album that your mom had up on a shelf somewhere? Or when visiting your grandmother’s house you get lost in her old photos? Do you remember the feeling you got when flipping the pages? It brings memories back to that time. It gives you that warm happy feeling remembering all those beautiful moments. You see that ugly yellow laminate flooring and laugh! It brings back all the memories of your original home you grew up in, the way it looked all those years ago.

Think about spending those moments flipping the pages with your children, showing them snippets of your childhood.

You could be snuggled up with your quickly growing almost preteen and flip through their baby album. They are smiling at themselves when they were a baby and they see the love and complete awe you were in when holding and rocking them as a sweet newborn. Your children have these images forever. They can pull these albums out and look back in time whenever they want. As they grow and life changes (because it sadly does) they can flip through these pages to the past.

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This is my WHY. This is why I offer these family story telling sessions. I want to give you those memories to look back on. To be able to sit down with your grown children and flip though your album of their childhood. I want your children to flip through these moments with their children. Preserve your memories.

For your session, we spend time in your home. We go from room to room capturing the story of your family. Dad rocking the new baby, mom and daughter twirling around in the playroom. We make memories to fill an heirloom album for you to treasure for years to come. I’d love to chat with you more about a session!

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